Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sunday Fun

Here is an update of some of the fun we have here on Sundays. Remember the big snowball? Well, Timothy, Christopher and Nathan thought it would be fun to chop it to bits with the REAL (metal) swords. The rest of us stood back.

So this is the end result.....the snowball is gone and all three boys still have all their fingers, toes and appendages.

Then they decided to sword fight. No metal swords this time. They got the softer ones.

There are only 2 of the softer swords so Timothy was on his own.

And here is Emily..........as the Statue of Liberty. Notice the diet coke can?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Up on pointe

Emily has been on pointe shoes for 3 weeks now. She is getting more and more use to it but still complains every now and then that her feet are sore. As time goes on her feet will get use to being on pointe shoes. So far she loves it. Here are a few pictures of her.

Her dance company will be having their recital in June. Emily will be performing some of her dances on pointe. Everyone is welcome to come!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Three guys and a camera

Last night we had all the kids over for dinner. Timothy, Christopher and Nathan decided it would be fun to take pictures of each other as they were shaking their head. Here is the end result.

You be the judge.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


We have over a foot of snow and it is still snowing. Timothy wanted to make a big snow ball in the back yard so him, Steve, Christopher, Tyler and the dogs helped.

As you can see in the pictures it's snowing as they are making the snowball.

It took all 4 of them to push it and it was moving really slow.

And here is the end result!!

PS. Happy Birthday Mom Peck!!! We're thinking of you!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

YouTube-Old Style

So on a beautiful vacation day what do you do for fun? Well, according to yesterday's Provo Herald it was head to the mountains for tubing fun at Soldier Hollow in Midway. Early as usual, we got up there with forty minutes to spare. My grandmother is buried there so we decided to try and find it. The cemetery was covered in snow so we could not spy the headstone buried in the drifts, but as Nathan said, 'she probably appreciates we tried.' The cold gray seemed to have emptied the town and it seemed on the verge os snowing, but it wasn't yet too cold. We were waiting for a cold front to go through, so as yet it was still about 40 degrees, it would be 28F by the time we ended.

We picked up our tickets and off to the slopes we went. Emily was worried, having never been tubing before, but all went well. There is a rope tow to the top. So we picked up our tubes from a deep pile of blue, yellow and red ones and made for the slopes.

The most important thing about tubing is to maintain a sense of coolness.

Which without a doubt, Nathan pulled off with unparalleled style. He was in point of fact the coolest one on the slopes.

The other important thing was to keep your feet off the snow. Which I mostly managed.

All in all it was loads of fun. Dad, Nathan, and Emily. Missing Mom (who is in Oregon). Making do.

My favorite part was getting towed up the hill and

just kicking back and enjoying the view.

The hot chocolate from the thermos after was unforgettable.