Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Timothy sent me this picture of Darci last night.  What a doll!!  Can't wait to see her!  :)  Thanks T!!!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunday Pics.

 Shhhhhh........this game is a secret!!!
 Me and Asher.
 Lesa and Maddox.
 The Burger
And Steve...looking shifty.  Emily was upstairs recovering from the stomach flu.  Poor girl but she's feeling better now.

Saturday, November 24, 2012


 I took these  (most of the pics) from Jessica's blog.  I cannot believe Darci is standing already.
 I love all the many faces of Kingston.  He cracks me up!!!

 Mika has grown too.  :)

November has been No Shave November and here is a update of the progress of the boys.....
 Looking good T
 Nathan and Christopher.....doing good
 So is Jaron.  They have one more week to go.  I hope to get final pictures of all the boys to put up before they shave it all off.  Cute guys!!!!!!

Friday, November 23, 2012


 Thanksgiving was a pretty relaxing day.  In the morning I got all the food prepped and ready to go.  Then we left to go see Life of Pi.  What a great movie!!  And the theater wasn't that crowded.  We came home and the turkey was about done.
 Got the rest of the food cooked and we ate.......too much as usual!!
My face is starting to heal but still kills like crazy.  It's hard to sleep cuz the pillow touches the sores and hurts them.  So not much sleep lately.  Steve is worried walking around with me cuz he thinks people are going to think he's a wife abuser.  Ha ha.....not him.  He's way too good to me!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Almost done!!

When I took this picture I had 3 more days of the cancer cream but now I'm down to 2.  Yeah!  I took this pic. so I can look back at it when I go outside without sun screen.  It's painful but it's also very awkward when you're out in public.  I do put makeup on if I feel really awkward but only after I put vaseline on to help lower the pain of the make up (fragrance/alcohol).  So my advice to everyone......where sunscreen.  It will catch up to you!!  :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hope for Mali dinner/auction

 Last night we went to a Hope for Mali dinner and auction with the Waters' and Darrell and Dyann.  It was a blast!!  Above is Mamadou Diabate playing the kora.  At the bottom of the page I recorded 30 sec. of him  playing.  We also bought a CD.  Such cool music!!
 We had an authentic African dinner.  It was spicy.....not mexican kind of spicy but different.  They have a hot sause that Steve tried and told me to stay away from cuz it was soooooo hot.  They food was delicious!!!!!

 Yeah Samake (below) gave a talk about the schools in Mali and thanked everyone for their help.  He's such a great guy!!!  Just overall......a great evening.  Thank you Steve Waters for inviting us!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Years and years ago, maybe 8 years ago, a friend and I took a candle making class.  Slowly we both lost interest in it or our lives got way too busy to make any, but we stopped making them.  She gave me all her wax and molds so I just stored them in the garage.  When I was cleaning out the garage I found all the candle making stuff.  There was 4 huge slabs of wax.  After making these candles there is still 2 slabs left.  They're not the prettiest things but if the lights go out we'll be lit up.  Ready for the apocalypse.  :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Burn cream

About 3 weeks ago I went to the dermatologist for my bi-yearly checkup.  He said that I still have a lot of pre-cancer on my face and had me do the 4 week cream treatment to burn off all the bad spots (why did I lay out in the sun so much when I was a teenager?)  Wednesday will be 3 weeks using the stuff and my face is red and burning.....and sometimes itching like crazy.  I have to use it for 4 weeks total and then let all the sores heal.  Every once in a while I'll get odd looks from people cuz it looks like I have road rash on my face.  Steve says that my face looks like I'm drunk.....what a goof!!  Fortunately, it should be cleared up by the time we get family pics.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

So far....

 So far we have 9" of snow and it is beautiful outside.  Emily left this morning to the U of U for a ballet camp and to watch a ballet.  Jaron and Christopher are running the 5k Turkey Trot this morning in Orem.  I think they are CRAZY!!!
 The weather people say that there may be more to come.  We'll see.  :)
 Yesterday Emily and I made a snowman.  The snow is very wet and heavy.....great for packing and a snowball fight.  After we were done and got back in the house it tipped over.  Top heavy I guess.  At least we got pictures to prove we did make one.

Friday, November 9, 2012


It's snowing!  And it's snowing hard.  It's fun looking out my window as I type.  So pretty and white.  The first big snowfall of the season.  I only have my little car and it has zero traction (it ice skates on the streets) so I'm stuck at home.......and it's ok!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's over.....

The elections are over and I am so grateful to be done with it.  My eyes have been very much opened to the hate this election produced.  What is even harder is seeing hate from people of my same faith (not my ward though...they're amazing!).  I'm really tired of being questioned that I am on satan's side.  Since when is Obama on satan's side?  Are people really that black and white where Romney is on the Lord's side so that had to make Obama on satan's side?  It doesn't work that way!  I did a lot of praying during this election asking Heavenly Father if one candidate is better than another.  Or if he would bless one more than another.  The answer I got was that he loves them equally and either one would do a fine job and I was free to choose.  I also got the feeling that what matters to him is how we treat each other and a concern for mankind in general and that we take care of each other.  I also learned that we are all human no matter what religion or lack of religion.  I don't think anyone is any better than anyone else but we can choose how we act and conduct ourselves.  I hope we can all heal and the hatred I've been seeing and some of directed towards me will leave and we can work at healing and serving each other.  I believe people are good and as devastating as hurricane Sandy was, I love seeing stories of people coming together to help those who are suffering.  That's what we need to be doing.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

October coupons

This month I saved $130.98 in coupons.  I love using coupons in the fall cuz so many coupons are out for all the holiday cooking and a lot of those things are on sale.  So I'm doing some stocking up.  I think November will be the same way.  Then yesterday we had to take the truck in to get new brakes.......$123.  I guess everything evens out.  :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012


 Emily and her friends dressed up as "One Direction."  She went over to her friends house, ate soup, went trick or treating and watched a movie.  It was a fun night (and day) for her!!
 Kingston and Darci off Trick or Treating.  They look comfy.  Kingston was so excited to get started that he could hardly stand it.  :)

 Darci and her peacock costume.  So cute!!!

 Lesa and I took Maddox and Asher out.  It's a bummer that Christopher had to work but I really enjoyed it a lot.  They really got into getting free candy.  It was around the 3rd house we hit that was quite a shock for Maddox cuz a little girl answered the door totally naked.  I think Maddox was done with the trick or treating thing after that.  He didn't want to go up to the doors til they were answered but after a while he forgot all about that and got back into knocking on the doors.  Their bags got full and time to head back.  It was a good haul.  :)