Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Salsa time again.  A couple of weeks ago I made 3 batches.  It's basically gone.  Yesterday I made 5 batches.  It took me all day but I hope it will last a little longer......who am I kidding.  Next week I'll make more.

Friday, August 23, 2013


 These are just some of the pics. I took from my phone.  They had a professional photographer so when we get those I'll put them up too.  I didn't take any from the reception.....too busy talking to people.
 But what a great day!!  And I'm so happy all the kids and families could be there.  A great day!!!

Pre-wedding and wedding photos

I have so many pictures that I need to break some of these up.  I love this picture of Steve and the grandsons.  So fun!  Below is Timothy and Darci......two cuties!!
Jaron and "Darcils.
Timothy and Emily.....Jaron in the background.  :)
Me and Darci
Steve and Kingston
Kingston got ahold of my camera phone.  I got a lot of these.  And I love every one of them!!
Kingston looking snazzy.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


 These two little munchkins will be here tuesday for Nathan and Courtney's wedding.  I can't wait!!!!
BTW.....I have the best grandkids ever!!  :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Goings On

1.  Nathan and Courtney are getting married in a week.  Things are getting ready.  All the guys (and little dudes) have their bow ties and suspenders.  Dresses are bought.  The only thing left I have to do is make lots and lots of blue jello popcorn.  I may look like a smurf when this is all done.  So excited to have Courtney part of our family.  Though she already is.
2.Timothy and Jessica and their family will be here tuesday for the wedding.  I can't wait to see them.  They can only stay a short time but we will be busy enjoying their company while they're here.  Boy, I sure miss them!!
3. Steve's book, "A short stay in Hell" is going to be made into a movie.  He sent the script to the producer guy and he liked it.  He's going to make a few changes here and there but it's so excited to be involved in the making of the movie.  Though I'm not really involved, Steve keeps me informed as to whats going on.
4.  I went to the wrist doctor today and I have tendonitis in my wrist.  Got a steroid shot and said it should be better in 2 days.  I'm holding him to it cuz it's be really painful the last couple of months.  He said no picking up kids for a while.  Erg....I don't think that will work.
5.  Emily starts dance monday and school tuesday.  She's really excited for both.  She took drivers ed this summer and passed and is driving all over the place.  She'll take her drivers test soon and get her license.
6.  Christopher is getting so much better.  It's amazing how fast you can recover when you have good doctors.  So frustrating that he had to go through what he did with his bad doctor but glad he's getting better.  He's now back to biking to work and back.
7.  Jaron has been don't with summer school for a week or so now.  He took and uber hard math class for his math minor.  He will be starting his 3rd year in mechanical engineering.  We get him for another week and then he's back up to Salt Lake at the U.

So yeah........not a whole lot going on.  :)

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Hung out this morning looking at the yard and being lazy from not sleeping much last night.  The sunflowers look beautiful.
 And we have a woodpecker that makes a lot of noise.  He's not too shy of people.
Courtney is taking her endowments out tonight.  The wedding is coming fast!!  :)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Camping with daddy

 I had to share these pictures from Jess' blog.  Timothy is in the middle of final but took the time to camp with Kingston.  It brought back memories of when Steve would do these kind of things with the boys......camping, journeys of discovery, etc.  It's fun to see my sons doing the same thing.  Kingston is one excited little guy!!