Sunday, May 25, 2014


I have been so, so bad at blogging.  The weeks go by so fast, then months.  School is almost out for Emily.  She has just a few more days left and she done but dance is really picking up.  She's one of the soloist so lots of hours are being dedicated to dance right now.  Once school is out she'll be rehearsing almost every day.  But its good.  She loves it and has such great friends there.  Timothy, Christopher, Jaron and Nathan finished their winter semester in school.  Timothy is going over the summer and is doing an intern also......busy guy!  But I can't wait to see him and his wonderful family in a few weeks!!!!  Christopher has been a little sick again but has gone to the dr. to get some meds.  He should be getting them soon but I think all the biking and great shape he's in helps.  Jaron is working too and also doing a intern/scholarship/? thingy for a year.  I know it has to do with water and climate change.  Nathan is doing good.  He and Courtney are in St. George for a much needed break and are having a great time.  Steve bought a new bike.  He's been biking to work around 3 times a week and loves it.  It saves on gas plus it helps him get ready for the Salt to Saint race.  Yesterday we biked to Mama Chus for lunch.  It was 5 miles each way and a great ride.  Mostly on the canal.  Christopher, Lesa, Jaron, Nathan, Courtney, Steve and I do a lot of biking.  Jess is running, biking and swimming to get really for a race she's doing soon.....Go Jess!!!  I've also got the garden in.  It's been kinda wet here so everything looks so green and pretty.  I've also made 3 outdoor benches so, pink and a lime green.  Steve loves them and wants me to make one more....yellow.  Kinda burned out of making them but a yellow one would be pretty.  So I probably will.  I think I have rambles long enough.  I love my family sooooo much.  My grandkids are perfect!!  I love them all.  The summer is here and I know it's going to go by so fast so I'll have my camera in hand to take a billion pictures so I can capture the whole thing!!!  :)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Prom 2014

 Yesterday was prom.  Trey asked Emily a couple of weeks ago and she's been sooooooo excited to go.  They started the date at around 11am. and went boating.  They went tubing behind it and Emily loved it!  Trey's dad even let Em drive the boat a little.  They were out on the lake for around 4 hours.
When she got home she hurried and got ready for the dinner and dance.  Courtney did her hair and did such a great job.  Emily looked stunning!!  She had a blast!!!  It was the perfect prom date!!