Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas day!!

I have to say that this Christmas was so much better than last years. Last year we were up at 4am. getting ready for our move to Vienna. This year we actually got to sleep in till 7am. I think Nathan was up at 5am. I feel so bad because I didn't get any pictures of our traditional Christmas Eve night. We couldn't find our camera but Darrell and Dyann, Christopher and Lesa came over and all of us had so much fun!! But Christmas morning started with Nathan and Emily at the top of the stairs waiting to come down to open presents.
Look at how excited Nathan is.
Nathan got the xbox 360 World Tour package. It's a good thing he helped me order it because I just about ordered Rock Band and that was the WRONG one. oops. Emily got some DS games and also her and Steve got tickets to see the Broadway play "Wicked" that is coming here in April.
Steve got me a cool hat but it's what's on the ears that is even better. He gave me some RUBY earrings to match the ruby necklace he gave me for my birthday. He's a real sweetie and a keeper!!!
Timothy and Jess came over for breakfast and also in an email broke the great news that they are going to have a cute little baby in July!!! We are so excited for them!!! Steve made some delicious Swedish pancakes and we had a ton of bacon.
While Jess and Emily played Foosball Timothy and Nathan were on the xbox.
That afternoon Christopher and Lesa came over for dinner. Emily played Foosball with Lesa and the guys went into the backyard to have a friendly game of sword fighting.
Another high point to the day was all of us got to talk with Jaron. It was so great to hear his voice and it was a wonderful Christmas present for all of us. We all miss him so much!!!
We finished up the day with all of them playing World Tour on the xbox. Christopher and Lesa on guitars, Emily on drums and Nathan singing......yeah, I said Nathan singing. It was a fun and relaxing Christmas. And the best part about it was being with family!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Somebody made it on point shoes!

Last Tuesday night Steve and I went to Emily's parent dance class.
After her class her teacher came up to all of us and told us that Emily is ready for point shoes. I haven't seen such a huge smile on Emily's face in a very long time.
This is Emily with her class.
Emily and Izzy. They have been dancing together for a few years. Also they are really great friends and next door neighbors!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Nafey Burger

Yep....Nathan is now a legal adult. It does sound a little scary but I have to say that Nathan is pretty responsible. Maybe Vienna did it to him or he just inherited it from his mother. I think it's the latter. But he did have a fun birthday. We first woke him up at 6am. to open gifts.
We teased him that he was getting a humming bird feeder. It wasn't a tease anymore because he got one.
Then he got his all time favorite game "Hungry, Hungry Hippos".
His big gift was a battle ready sword. I'm a little nervous because it came sharper than Steve's and Jaron's swords. Nathan wants to find some spare pumpkins to whack in half......or whatever that may be laying around.
For his birthday dinner we had tri tip steaks. Steve cooked them perfectly and they tasted so good. Then for his birthday cake Nathan wanted a ho ho cake from Baskin and Robbins.
T looks very sly.....or shifty. It was fun having some of the family over. I know Nathan loved having family over!!!
Happy Birthday Burger!!! Blow!!! You are now an adult!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Goodbye Wien

And so we come to an end of our adventure. What did we learn? We learned that being together is better than being apart. That family is important and that real Wienerschnizel is worth its cost. Vienna is now a memory, but such that should never be forgotten!