Thursday, January 22, 2015

January.......thus far.

January has been so crazy!!!!  A couple weeks ago Emily took off and landed wrong in a leap at dance.  She couldn't straighten out her knee and she was in a lot of pain.  Steve got her into a sports med dr. the next day.  She had lots of xrays and a ultrasound.  They looked good so we scheduled her for a MRI a few days later.  Meanwhile she's on crutches......and a knee brace.
Fortunately the MRI came out good except she has swelling around her knee cap.  The dr. gave her a shot of cortizone.  I can't believe how far in the needle went into her knee.  I'm so glad she wasn't looking while they gave it to her.  Kinda freaky.  Now she is doing physical therapy and is slowly starting to dance again.  No leaping for a while though.
During all of this it was Asher's birthday (Liam's 1st birthday was earlier this month.  Happy Birthday Liam!!!!).  He wanted to go bowling.

And then it was Courtney's birthday.  We had it at Christopher and Lesa's place.  Luke was able to come too and it was so much fun celebrating, eating and talking.

I have really weird kids.  :)

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